The Movie That Needs to be Made

GG hears they are making a sequel to “Independence Day”.  GG would like to suggest a title and plot for another feel-good movie where the world unites to fight a common goal against an enemy that is merciless, that will take away food and water, that will even destroy major cities.  One that uses our own weaknesses against us.

Title the movie “Energy Independence Day”.

Just like in WWII, when the Germans had their backs to the wall and made synthetic fuels to replace the fuels they no longer had.  When the British had their backs against the wall but used cleverness to devise means of diverting German bombers and crack uncrackable codes. When the Americans were searching for a way to end the war and enlisted scientists from around the world (in essence) to build the ultimate bomb. Yes, in Energy Independence Day, teams of scientists will struggle against the clock to get fusion to actually work.  Maybe Jeff Goldblum is available to see the flaws in a current tomahawk reactor and, against the wishes of an evil manager, will put a virus into the controlling code to make it work…. Masses of people will shift to patriotic bicycling after an energizing speech from the President, who risks being displaced from the White House from the rising tide….Wildcat drillers will shift to using their fracking technology for good (geothermal power) instead of in the service of the evil enemy, carbon dioxide….The economy revives as people around the world are put to work to battle this untiring enemy….  And, most shocking of all, Congress finally comes together and installs massive wind turbines in Washington to finally harness the hot air so generously generated by our elected representatives.


GG would really like to see that movie.  Or the real-life equivalent.


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One response to “The Movie That Needs to be Made”

  1. uknowispeaksense says :

    In my version of this movie, a much maligned climate scientist encounters James Inhoffe and Ken Cuccinelli, and just like in the original movie says, “In the words of my generation…UP YOOOOUUURRRSSS!!!!!” as he jams a couple of hockeysticks where the sun doesn’t shine.


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