I do not believe the scientists because it is their profession, not their hobby.

So Jon Stewart summarizes the view expressed by Rep. Larry Bucshon in this The Daily Show clip exposing some of the inanities of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology (starts 3:00 into the clip). Although undoubtably cut for optimal humor, it is hard to imagine a context that would make any of the questions asked by committee members seem intelligent. Of course, the confrontation is not unexpected when the committee titles its page on the hearing “Full Committee Hearing – The Administration’s Climate Plan: Failure by Design“. Some more complete clips are at ThinkProgress (GG couldn’t get the Committee’s archived webcast to work to see the whole thing). This sort of thing is not new; a blog hosted by Scientific American recounts some earlier adventures with this group.

6 responses to “I do not believe the scientists because it is their profession, not their hobby.”

  1. honeymustardseeds says :

    This is incredibly infuriating. If I had a direct pathway into politics from geology I’d do it in a heartbeat.


  2. cjonescu says :

    Not sure about a direct path (our governor was a geologist and then had to be run a brewery to get into politics), but there are a number of professional congressional fellowships to place scientists within the halls of Congress (usually as staff on different committees). So AGU has a Congressional Fellowship , as does GSA ; AGI has a few different internships with them .


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