Do ski areas use different units?

Just finished skiing a cross-country ski area.  The whole thing, every last trail (and a few connectors multiple times). And had a trusty GPS app on the phone record the whole thing.  Distance travelled: 7.3 miles.  Distance claimed by ski area: 10 miles.

This is not the first time.  GG mapped one x-c area completely, made a very basic GIS of the whole thing and measured all the trail lengths.  The tally was far, far short of the area’s claims online and in advertising.

So what gives?  Obviously there is no regulatory agency out there remapping ski areas (least, we can hope not). Are these special units (x-c sites usually report in kilometers–are they hoping that we don’t know how long kilometers really are?).

GG has not tried to check downhill areas but wonders if they suffer the same exaggerations….

So anyways, if you skied all of a x-c site and credited yourself with all the kilometers they said they had, well, you probably didn’t really go that far….

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