“Lost to History”

“Lost to History” is a phrase that comes up when people and events disappear owing to the absence of historical materials.  This comes to mind after passing by to marker below on ski trails near Nederland:

Marker place in early 1980s over a grave of two people supposedly with Fremont's expedition in 1845-6.

Marker placed in 1983 over a grave of two people supposedly with Fremont’s expedition in 1845-6.

There is no indication Fremont passed this way on that expedition, nor did he lose any men in the Rockies on this expedition.  Apparently some local amateur historians/archeologists took an interest, and some of what they found is now posted on a sign near this grave marker.  Their research suggested that the bodies here could be a local rancher who died, some military men who were heading up Rollins Pass (to the west of this spot), or perhaps two of Fremont’s earlier expedition who had left the second expedition at Ft. St. Vrain.

The identities of the men buried here are lost to history.

In a sense this seems to be potentially a useful phrase in geology.  Most fossils are “lost to geology” as are most ancient landscapes and much other evidence that could be useful.


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