Global Warming v. Billionaires

A new survey published in the New York Times shows that most Americans–and 48% of Republicans–support government action on climate change.  This kind of supports GG’s earlier notion that climate change is looking a lot like gay marriage did a few years back. One part of the piece highlights the tension within the GOP on this:

Political analysts say the problem for many Republicans is how to carve out a position on climate change that does not turn off voters like Mr. Becker [an independent who said candidates denying global climate change would seem out of touch], but that also does not alienate powerful conservative campaign donors. In particular, advocacy groups funded by the billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch have vowed to ensure that Republican candidates who advocate for climate change action will lose in primary elections.

Will climate change be a real winner for some candidates? It depends on what else is going on in a year’s time, but if these polls are right and we see, say, intensification of the California drought appearing to be linked to atmospheric changes and, say, a killer heat wave, the GOP primaries could get interesting.  By ensuring a GOP candidate denying that anything should be done to mitigate global warming, the Koch brothers could actually end up damaging their chances of controlling the White House.  It should be an interesting time….

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