Injection Suit

The Mountain Mystery blog points us at a lawsuit being heard by the Oklahoma Supreme Court by a woman injured in an earthquake that was probably caused by an injection well. This will be interesting to watch. If injection companies can be held liable (and remember, in civil court, it is a preponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt), then it is likely that injection companies will seek a greater role for regulatory bodies so that they can be protected from such lawsuits. In some ways it is surprising it took this long for such a lawsuit, and it is the inevitable outcome from industry collectively denying any role in inducing earthquakes.

[By the ways, there is still confusion between “fracking earthquakes” and injection-induced earthquakes.  Fracking always produces earthquakes–that is by design–but these have only occasionally risen to the level where they could be felt. Injection sometimes produces earthquakes–not always–but injection has produced some fairly significant earthquakes, as we discussed earlier]

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One response to “Injection Suit”

  1. Miksha says :

    Thanks for the clarity on “fracking earthquakes” and “injection-related earthquakes” – the difference is not just a subtle nuance, it is an important element of the on-going debate.


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