And more bad science news…

…and we’re not talking about news about bad science, but science-related news that is bad.

We are getting to see the last shoe drop on the House of Representative’s continued assault on earth science.  Today the House Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations subcommittee released a draft budget that cuts NSF overall more than the troubled America COMPETES renewal and also cuts NOAA funding substantially (recall NOAA was the last agency supporting climate science research where we hadn’t heard what was planned).  It confirms, more or less, the shift away from an earth observing mission for NASA that the Science, Technology and Space committee had earlier suggested, though this is only indicated by an increased support for planetary missions within a fairly flat budget. Although the details remain unclear as to where the additional $200M cut to NSF’s budget (relative to the America COMPETES bill) will come from, it seems quite likely that earth science will remain in the crosshairs.

*sigh*.  Back to tilting at windmills (aka, writing an NSF proposal).


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