Why does NSF need this?

Sorry, but in the midst of writing NSF proposals from the wrong side of the Atlantic and some stuff is amazing.

Yes, you have to paginate a one page section of the proposal.

You have to count the number of thesis advisors you had. And list it. Next to the name(s) of said advisors.

You have to count the number of students you advised. And put that number somewhere near the list of those students.

Of course all of this is on top of previous demands for exactly how a cv should read, the proper point of view for project summaries, etc.

Look, GG gets the need to specify page limits and font sizes, but this stuff?  Really?

The working hypothesis here is that the purpose of NSF is to support an army of support staff at both universities and in NSF to check on blindingly stupid requirements that have no relationship whatsoever to the merit of the science being proposed.


4 responses to “Why does NSF need this?”

  1. Eli Rabett says :

    Mostly crap like this happens because some bright guy figures out a way to game the system so they change the system


    • cjonescu says :

      Agreed, and that is why there are font size limits and page limits (there were folks submitting 9 point font proposals), but what possible gain is there in not counting your thesis advisor(s)? Or leaving the “1” off the bottom of a single page section? That’s what makes these requirements insane.


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