Can AT&T count?

Way off topic, but highly annoying.

I am in Europe and bought an AT&T 30 day Passport plan, starting 21 May.  Today, 19 June, I got notified I was being charged more than $100 in fees for data usage.  I called the number in the email.  When, I asked, did this occur, and how?  Well, today, 19 June.  When did the plan start?  I asked.  21 May at midnight EDT. So, I said, it ends tonight not last night.  Of course the woman at the other end of the phone disagreed–the computer says it is over now, and I need to understand it is from 12:01 am to 12:01 am.  No, I say, count with me on a calendar.  Starting on the 21st means there were 11 days in May.  This being the 19th, we will have 19 full days in June at the end of the day, the total then is 30.  My plan ends at 12:01 am EDT on 20 June.  Obviously over her pay grade, so I ask to escalate.  The response? We can’t change anything until we bill you.  Well, fine.  I will enjoy seeing if there is a class action lawyer who wants to be wealthy, because if AT&T’s computers are constantly unable to count, there is a boatload of money AT&T owes folks.

Yes, folks, companies that can’t count and employees not allowed to count for themselves makes GG extremely grumpy.  It may not be geophysics, but it is arithmetic, and you’d think we might have some capability in doing that without the computer.

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