A radical notion

Seeing all the sturm und drang over appointing a new Supreme Court justice, GG would love to throw out an idea so radical that neither side has (or will) consider it.

Appoint a scientist.

At first, you shudder, isn’t this a job for lawyers and judges? Well, not historically; there have been government administrators and politicians named to the court; this business of the court only being a bunch of lawyers who rose through the judicial ranks is rather new.

With the increasing number of topics where scientific judgement is valuable, having a scientific background could bring a totally different perspective to many issues the court faces.  There are even a few politicians with science backgrounds (Bruce Babbitt, former Secretary of the Interior and a former governor of Arizona, had geology and geophysics degrees, for instance)–though not many. Maybe you could tap somebody like Marcia McNutt, whose career has included running the U.S. Geological Survey, editing Science, and being an MIT professor.

Wouldn’t that set Washington on its ear?

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