More Media Attention! I’m OVER HEEERE!!

Years ago, scientists did their thing, published their papers and lived a quiet, retiring life.  But now expectations are that they will also shill their findings, no matter how trivial, to a world waiting for some new click bait. Now not only do universities have a press officer, they often have multiple press people, and some departments and institutes have their press outreach folks as well.  Of yeah, and the journals do too.

So maybe it is no surprise that it has come to this: a press release for reviewing a book. (Thanks to RetractionWatch, GG’s go-to place for unsettling trends in scientific communication). How did it come to RetractionWatch’s attention? Because a later press release on reviewing a paper was, um, retracted.

Oh well, many of us have discussed the need to incentivize reviewing; maybe this is the way to do it on the cheap. Just can’t wait for the morning paper with its Good News section on all the papers being reviewed….


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