On to Year 3…

Huh. Here we are at post #253 after 731 days or so of blogging. Just felt like it was time to look back and see what’s what.

There has been a new post more than one every three days; when this started  GG expected to be waxing grumpy maybe once a week and worried that after a month or two there would be little to say.  Guess it has just been a grumpy time…

There have been some 18,000 views, nearly half from overseas.  That’s averaging about 70 per post.  So nothing viral about this blog, but it has been more effective than talking to oneself on the street corner while onlookers shy away.

Most interest has focused on entries about the business of science (mainly publishing).  That looks to be followed by discussions of earth science in movies and then some of that ugly science stuff that occasionally creeps in. The most popular posts were among the tersest: Why does NSF need this? and All the Science that’s Unfit for Print. Guess brevity really is wit.

What lies ahead? Well, GG’s book on the Sierra Nevada is hopefully going to see the light of day in a year, so there might be some tidbits related to that.  With that effort winding down, the original motivation for mashing keys (mainly the delete key) will fade, but somehow it seems like there will be stuff to comment on.  Will Congress continue to attack geoscience, or will the Grand Old Party disintegrate in such a manner than friendlier faces will chair key committees? Interactive electronic publication faces a crossroads: we know now how to put nifty graphics in pdfs, but that mainly uses Flash (well, technically ActionScript), but that is going by the wayside in the foreseeable future and its replacement in pdfs remains murky. NSF seems to be pioneering a new mode of proposal evaluation, the interminable wait (GG has one that’s been out for 10 months and is aware of others that sat for a year or more without funding); could be that will be worth watching.  Earthquakes continue in Oklahoma and the Colorado Supreme Court has shot down cities’ attempts to regulate the oil and gas business, so there will be things to say about that.  And there is some interesting science going on out there.  And GG hears rumor of a sequel to San Andreas, so the Hollywood beat won’t be sterile.

Hopefully some will be shorter than this recap.  Anyways, thanks for being part of the peanut gallery; hopefully the time has been well spent.

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