Core Fixations

Honestly, how did the mild-mannered core become the focus of so many disaster movies? Having one–The Core, which was laugh-out-loud bad–would have seemed to have exhausted that particular aspect of earth disasters (we are still awaiting The Landslide–who knows, maybe the sequel to San Andreas can do that).  But no, then we had the reboot of Star Trek drop “red matter” (or maybe we misunderstood–perhaps it was “read matter” as in science books they chose not to read) into the core to cause planets to implode. Why did you have to reach the core, anyways?  If this made black holes, wouldn’t it be enough to just pitch it onto the surface?

But now, after 20 years of gestation, we get the core as once again the weak link in life on Earth.  [Spoiler ahead–arguably the only thing you might not guess from ads or reviews]. Yes, Independence Day: Resurgence posits that the evil aliens will wipe us out by (ahem), sucking the Earth’s core out through a straw.

Wow.  You have a spacecraft that can travel interstellar distances while having the mass of a dwarf planet and the best you can do for wiping out some annoying species is suck out the core?  Why not just throw a bunch of rocks at the planet? [Note to space aliens reading this: please don’t]. Or maybe just train your plasma laser that can blow through thousands of miles of rock on the surface of the planet, which would probably result in a global oven in no time at all. Honestly, why are you even bothering with this planet?  (Weren’t they after water the first time out?).

OK Hollywood: ENOUGH.  You might as well move on to stopping plate tectonics, or cranking it up, or something similar.  Aren’t we about due for a return to volcanoes?  Oh, and can we get a small amount of knowledge passed on to art departments about things like why planets are round and what a Roche Limit is?  We’re getting tired of these images of partially blasted apart planets that somehow, despite tremendous stresses, retain the jagged holes left from being blasted or having their cores sucked out or whatever with the pieces from the hole sort of hanging out in the vicinity.  Aside from how hard it would be to make such a hole, it isn’t going to last anyways….


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