Geography lesson,George Will edition

George Will recently penned a tribute to that icon of baseball broadcasting, Vin Scully (GG grew up listening to Dodgers games that Scully did). Will imagines the last day Scully broadcasts from LA:

In late September, Scully will drive up Vin Scully Avenue to Dodger Stadium, settle himself in front of a mic in the Vin Scully Press Box, and speak five familiar words: “It’s time for Dodgers baseball.” Later, as the sun descends toward the San Gabriel Mountains…

…panic ensues as Earth has tipped over on its axis! People run screaming from the stands! Chaos! Pandemonium! Who knew that a broadcaster retiring would cause such chaos!

Um, yeah, we just learned that (1) George Will has never seen a Dodgers game when the sun was shining or (2) he is oblivious to the relationship of shadows to the position of the sun (virtually any afternoon game will result in some discussion of the shadows as they affect the ability of the batter to pick up the pitch coming to the plate). Maybe this is because he only listens to Dodgers’ broadcasts?

Dear George, the San Gabriel Mountains are to the north and northeast of Dodger Stadium.  You know, that direction where the sun might rise on the summer solstice? Maybe you meant to write “as the sun sets on the San Gabriel Mountains”? Or perhaps you were thinking of the Santa Monica Mountains, which are to the west? But no, we know you are nothing if not precise in your language, so it seems more likely it is your geography rather than your syntax that is in error.

So, once again, the fine east coast media demonstrates that, liberal or conservative, they really have a problem with geography west of the Hudson

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