Quick notes 1/30/17

A couple things to check out.

Ars Technica caught up with some research GG (and the BBC) pointed out awhile back on how scientifically curious people are the ones who might change their minds about things they initially disagree with; their story provides a nice overview of the research and its significance.

FiveThirtyEight says out loud what GG has been pondering: Trump’s actions mirror what he said he would do. Recall the mantra after the election was that Trump supporters took him seriously but not literally while the media did the opposite.  While its been clear the media should have been taking him seriously (if they did not), Trump’s initial actions in office suggest they were right to take him literally. Now the question is, did his supporters take him literally too? The answer may well determine how the next four years play out.

And who is really hurt by the travel ban? Surprise, it is researchers and universities (as we’ve noted before)–and not uniformly but engineering programs in particular. You can see some of the people we aren’t letting into the country at Nature‘s website and a historical piece at Popular Science on when we deported some scientists and thus increased the threats facing the U.S.. Also, the ban has infuriated tech companies (who might be about to get a second bout of bad news).

Separately, National Geographic has a story about chaos in science agencies that includes discussing the development of the rogue twitter streams and the science march on Washington.

If nothing else, the first days of the Trump administration should be improving the mood of lots of protesters

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