Oldest Rocks…Pffft

There is some kind of disease where people want to go around and call some rock formation one of the oldest rocks.  Lone Pine once called the Alabama Hills the Oldest Rocks on Earth, which was ridiculous (they are not even the oldest rocks you can see from Lone Pine). The BBC recently jumped on this bandwagon, claiming Ayers Rocks/Uluru “is one of the oldest rocks on Earth“. Nope.  Unh-uh. Sorry. Not even in the ballpark (its sandstone is latest Precambrian). This is most absurd given the continent–Australia is loaded with really really old rock.

Anyways, just stumbled on that and well, you don’t see the BBC engaging in misleading promotion like that too often.

GG thinks he has seen many other examples of “oldest rocks” promotions–if you know of one, please note it in the comments.


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