Why the AAPG should march, part 2

Earlier, GG argued that the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society of Exploration Geophysicists should join the March for Science.  Another reason has cropped up since, namely a study in Nature Human Behavior arguing that there is something of an echo chamber in the science books that are read by conservative and liberal readers. A Wired version of the story ends with this thought:

If scientists want to do a better job of making their research more accessible—which they probably should if they don’t want their line of work targeted by the same kind of ideological philocide currently being perpetuated against climate science—they should try to preach beyond their own choir.

Now delving into the original article (behind a paywall) will show that the divisions described in the news articles are a good deal more subtle than advertised, but the main point still stands. So scientific organizations that represent a more conservative view of science would do well to be visible in supporting science in places that are trying to be non-political: it is a chance to be seen and to have a voice with others whose political views might diverge from those of the members of these societies.

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