Uniquely Rockies

…baseball, that is. (We all need a diversion).

All Major League teams have some sort of oddities, but the Rockies seem a bit out there…. Consider that:

  • The Rockies are the only team to play in their own timezone (MDT). [Arizona plays in MST, which is the same as PDT during the MLB season]
  • Rockies are well known for playing at the highest altitude of any MLB team (a row of purple seats marks a mile above sea level).
  • Despite being the third-youngest expansion club, they have the oldest stadium of all expansion teams in the National League (Coors Field opened in 1995. The Big A in Anaheim for the Angels is the oldest stadium for an expansion franchise).  Coors is, amazingly, the third oldest NL ballpark (only Wrigley and Dodger Stadium are older; for some reason, AL parks last longer).
  • The team is the only one named for a geographical feature (and one of few named for an inanimate object, the others being socks of various colors)
  • An individual player is called, rather awkwardly and ungrammatically, a Rockie. (Is an individual member of the Red Sox a Red Sock? No.)
  • The Rockies’s home park set the record for most home runs in a season in 1999.
  • This led to the Rockies being the only club to store baseballs in a humidor [though Arizona is apparently going to do the same soon].
  • They are the only NL West team to have never won the division. Only their 1993 expansion-mates, the Marlins, share the distinction of not ever winning a division, though the Marlins won the World Series as a wild card team.  Pittsburg joins them as the only other team not to have won a division since the creation of 6 MLB divisions in 1994.
  • Although nobody keeps track of games cancelled by snow, concern for that led Coors to have the first heated infield in MLB. (Odds are good that the latest snow-outs have been at Rockies games, though this year they somehow were out of town for several late snowstorms).
  • Is Coors the only ballpark to actually contain a microbrewery? (Milwaukee’s doesn’t).
  • The Rockies might be the club most distant from college baseball. Only two college teams (neither in Denver) are D1 in Colorado (Univ. Northern Colorado and Air Force Academy).

That’s enough distraction for today.



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