Weird World of Books

Already have been amused by the rank listed at Amazon for GG’s new book, but now that the book is listed as shipping, there are several companies offering the book as used! Wow.  Where might these used books come from? Do they buy them wholesale somewhere and then toss them around a room or something? (The publisher is only just now sending copies to reviewers).  Such a strange business….

3 responses to “Weird World of Books”

  1. Torbjörn Björkman says :

    Maybe those reviewers got tired of it really quickly? 😉

    Beware though, when a poor graduate student a few years back, I bought online a used copy of an advanced standard physics textbook which then arrived unexpectedly shipped from Taiwan, even more unexpectedly in mint condition and also lacking a copyright page…

    I had (and have for that matter) no idea in which end even to begin to look for something to do about it, but I have made a mental note that I owe the author a beer or two if I ever meet him. (For anyone wondering, a book that comes without a copyright page like that is likely a pirate copy.)

    But I guess since your book is offered at the same price as used, it is just a matter of resellers not wanting to miss potential customers who search specifically for used books. Super weird lie to tell though… marketing defies all logic.


    • cjonescu says :

      Did you order the book through a link from Amazon? Just thinking that if that was the case, could tell Amazon they were linking to a provider of pirate books. The links I mentioned were through Amazon, and if they are allowing pirates in the mothership, woe unto them. I have seen links to “full text” pdf versions of my book online (I haven’t clicked through as I have no interest in encouraging their activity, so maybe they don’t).


      • Torbjörn Björkman says :

        It was definitely not from Amazon, it was somewhere dedicated to used books. I don’t really remember anymore, it was 10-15 years ago now (Gaah! Grad school was >10 years ago!? When did that happen?)

        Actually, I didn’t even spot it until much later when I was going to properly cite the book in a course assignment. I reached for my copy to get all the weird stuff we always put when citing books (does anyone understand why we care if it is Springer New York or Heidelberg?) and … nope, not there!

        I have never downloaded pirate pdf’s, but I did experiment once to see how easily our students might get them. The links took me to places I’d rather not be and where I didn’t dare to click anything. My conclusion was mostly that any student trying to get the literature for free like so will probably get their punishment from all else that comes to their computer that way.


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