War on Science: Budget Edition

Ars Technica has a rundown of all the damage that the Trump administration’s budget priorities would do to scientific research, and frankly the scope of what they don’t want to do is breathtaking. Yes, this is the same kind of document that was dead on arrival in Congress last year, but the shear stupidity and strong desire to value ignorance over knowledge portends a future of decisions based on…political contributions? readings of tea leaves?

It isn’t a surprise to have this administration want to shut down a satellite that measures carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Or another that takes pictures. But it is still stupid.

Since earthquakes mainly affect blue states, let’s cut back on earthquake work.  Also volcanoes–blue states! Same thing with tsunamis (little does the Trump administration know that there is a tsunami risk along the East Coast). But mining? Gotta give that research a big boost.

Weather forecasting? Don’t need that; just look out the window, folks. Who needs a forecast? Just carry an umbrella on your way to the limo.

Search for asteroids that could hit earth? Hah! Divine wrath if it happens, why look?

Pretty much all governmental science takes a hit in that budget, and while Congress will probably authorize more, it isn’t hard to anticipate foot dragging and repurposing as much as is possible.

An engineer GG knew once said that people who wanted things to be faith-based rather than science-based were welcome to fly on airplanes constructed from faith. Welcome to faith-based governing; it isn’t clear what the faith is, but in the absence of observational truth, it isn’t faith in science.

To be clear, this has not been a traditional GOP priority; in fact for a long time, science did better with the GOP in power than Democrats. Most of us would not willfully blind ourselves before walking along a cliff edge, but this administration seems to glory in poking a stick in any eyes that look outward.

Pissed off? You can support scientists running for Congress through 314action.org. Or run for Congress yourself.  Right now there are a grand total of 5 members of Congress with science degrees. Some 60 more are now running.

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