Well, GG has from time to time pointed out mistakes in graphics in papers, so it is only fair that he share a mistake in his graphics pointed out by others. In Jones et al. (Geosphere, 2011), several panels of Figure 2 place the frontal thrust faults of the fold-thrust belt in the wrong place in Montana (to be clear, this is the upper left part of the full figure seen at right or below):

LaramideMistake  LaramideOrigFig2e

The black line with barbs was to represent the eastern limit of the fold-thrust belt, but GG apparently mistook a high-angle Laramide-style fault for a low-angle thrust connection up to the Helena Salient.  The proper line would be close to the red line in the figure above.

So a question to any readers is, do you think this merits a published correction?

[Updated 10:30 AM MDT 4/7 to show the full extent of the figure; poll added 12:06 pm MDT 4/7]


7 responses to “Oops”

  1. Paul Braterman says :

    Not my area, but in principle I’d say yes; it could be very brief


    • cjonescu says :

      OK, one yes. But on figure corrections, the journal actually publishes the revised figures, which in this case would be several nearly full-page panels, so while text part would be brief, not sure the correction overall would be….


      • Narad says :

        Have I mentioned that I used to be in the journals publishing racket? I voted “yes,” but I’m looking at the paper itself, and I don’t understand why it was presented as 2A–2E on separate pages with a massive legend on one page rather than as separate figures.


      • cjonescu says :

        Idea of Figure 2 was to show the temporal evolution of significant features in the region; my hope was to have had the single dynamic figure in place of the 5 static ones (dynamic figure was instead made a supplemental file) Lets you see things more clearly. Layout editor decided to put the full caption on that one page; suppose I could have moved a few things into graphical legends from the caption. Really wouldn’t have made much difference if it was figure 2 A-E or 2-6.


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