Oops update

Update 7/29/18: The corrected figures are now officially online.

GG asked readers whether or not an error in a figure drafted 8 years ago should be corrected and the answer was a resounding yes.  So the figures in question have been redrafted and will go to the journal shortly.  If you are curious, the “dynamic” version (uses Flash) can be found here.

To be clear, the intent is simply to remove a mistake in the past and not to update the figure to reflect how it might get drawn today. So if you find things you don’t agree with that reflect scholarship since 2010 or so, don’t expect a correction, but if there are other mistakes substantial enough that somebody might misinterpret things, let GG know.

Retraction Watch was apparently amused at the notion of polling the web to decide whether or not to update the figure and so ran a story on this episode. When the journal puts out the correction, a link will get posted here.


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