About the Grumpy Geophysicist

Ah well, as tempting as anonymity might be, I rather despise it in such venues as peer reviews and such not. GG goes by Craig Jones in real life and is a Professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder in Geological Sciences.  I’ve spent a whole lot of time trying to understand why the Sierra Nevada is there, and somewhat less time on the Rockies and a bit less on the High Plains and absolutely no effort whatsoever on the Appalachians. If for some reason you have reason to be in touch, there is a contact form (or, really, it takes very little effort to find an academic scientist at a university…).

Why the odd third-person approach?  Largely it is to enforce better behavior on my part.  It becomes depressingly easy to write “I think this” and “I did that.”  Me-me-me gets old fast; having to stick in “GG” or Grumpy Geophysicist in its place is awkward and so forces me to reconsider inserting myself so directly in the text.

Oh yeah, the reason for this endeavor is not fame nor fortune nor reposting nor any of that.  I just really wanted to get in the habit of writing frequently as I needed to get a book I’d been working on finished.  And when I get grumpy, I get distracted from what I should be doing, so this is a good outlet.  This is why the outrage to science ratio is depressingly high. If, somehow, something useful to you emerged, that is a great bonus.

The good news is that the book, The Mountains That Remade America, was released in September, 2017 with the University of California Press (paperback in February of 2020).  Although this means I should now give up blogging (book is done!), it is a nice outlet for frustration and a place to play with ideas I can’t fully pursue at the moment.

Opinions expressed are mine at the moment I write them (I reserve the right to change my mind) and are not representative of the views of any funding agency, corporations, my university, my high school, my grammar school, my dog, my cats, or those annoying folks who call in the middle of dinner.  Mind, these should be their views; it isn’t my fault if they don’t share them.

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